Lifetime Latest Adobe CC Master Collection 2019 For Windows

RM20.00 RM10.90

System Requirement:
Microsoft® Windows 7 or later
– You will received 2 download links:
– 1. Adobe CC 2019 Full Master Collection Part 1 -16GB
– 2. Adobe CC 2019 Full Master Collection Part 2 -9GB



If your PC have face quota exceed issue, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your own Google Drive click “share with me” button, you will saw Adobe Part 1 and Part 2 folder.
2. Then right click Vol folder and choose download the whole folder. It will start zipping and download.
3. This will solve your issue.

1. Right click zip file and extract, then click setup in Adobe CC 2019 Folder and proceed install.
2. During installation login your own Adobe Account and install.

What’s more: Zipping speed is based on your internet speed.

What’s include:

✔Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 32-bit
✔Adobe After Effects CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Animate CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Audition CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Bridge CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Bridge CC 2019 32-bit
✔Adobe Character Animator СС 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Dimension CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 32-bit
✔Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 32-bit
✔Adobe InCopy CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe InCopy CC 2019 32-bit
✔Adobe InDesign CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe InDesign CC 2019 32-bit
✔Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 64-bit
✔Adobe Lightroom CC 32-bit
✔Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Muse CC 2018 64-bit
✔Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 32-bit
✔Adobe Prelude CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 64-bit
✔Adobe XD CC 64-bit
✔Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC 32-bit
✔Adobe Audition CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Encore CS6 64-bit
✔Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC 32-bit
✔Adobe Extension Manager CC 32-bit
✔Adobe Fireworks CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 32-bit
✔Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 64-bit
✔Adobe Flash Pro CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Fuse CC 2017 32-bit
✔Adobe Prelude CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Scout CC 64-bit
✔Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015 64-bit
✔Adobe Bridge CS6 64-bit
✔Adobe Bridge CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Extension Manager CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Media Encoder CS6 64-bit
✔Adobe Media Encoder CS6 32-bit
✔Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 64-bit
✔Exchange Panel for CS6



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