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How To Use Adobe Zii Step By Step

The latest version of this amazing tool is Zii 2019 v4.4.4. This is the best and safe tool ever to activate the whole Adobe collection 2015 – 2019 for Mac user.

Why Zii is safe to use?
– Except Acrobat Pro DC, it does not require root (administrator) password during the activation process.


  1. Double click on downloaded .dmg file to open it.
  2. In the window that appears, double click on the Manual Install folder.

Zii Step 2 Image

3. Double click on the .dmg file inside to open it.

Zii Step 3 Image

    4. Double click on the Adobe Zii .app file inside to open it.

Zii Step 5 Image

5. You may see this dialog. If so, click Open.

Zii Step 6 Image

6. In the window that appears, click on PATCH OR DRAG.

Zii Step 7 Image

7. You may be asked for root permission – if so, click OK, then enter your password, or use Touch ID to continue.

Zii Step 8 Image

8. Once completed, close the window.

9. Open a new Finder window.

Zii Step 9 Image

10. Eject the lower Zii disk image first, then the upper one.

Zii Step 11 Image

11. You may see this dialog. If so, click Force Eject, Force Eject, then OK.

Zii Step 12 Image

Now, go to verify the Adobe Software activation:

  1. Launch any one of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications you have installed (except Adobe Acrobat Pro DC).
  2. Click on Help in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Zii Help Image

3. If the entry K’d by TNT Team is present, then the application has been successfully activated. Cheers!!

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