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How To Disable Gatekeeper For Adobe Zii

How To Disable Gatekeeper (Mac OS)

In order to solve the common errors as mentioned at Common Errors in Adobe Zii article, you can just follow this simple guide below.

Here are the steps to Disable Gatekeeper In Mac OS:

1. Close the app preferences and all the applications if there is any running in the background.

2. Now go the to application list and open the Terminal

3. In the terminal window paste this command and then Hit Enter

sudo spctl --master-disable

4. It will then ask you to enter a password, simply enter your administrator password and again Hit Enter.

5. That’s it Gatekeeper is now disabled and you can now run any application without face unidentical developer issue.

You can now change the settings of the Gatekeeper by yourself and select it according to your needs. To do so you need to open the System Preferences and then open the Security & Privacy.

Now scroll down and you will find out the options where you want to disable the gatekeeper.


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